Mixing and Meeting New People

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Sometimes the harder you try, the less successful you are. Think about it. When you meet someone new, who is most attractive – someone who is sizing up everyone they meet as a potential mate, or someone who leads a busy interesting life?

Hard as it may be, it is usually best to just get on with life and leave meeting that someone special to chance. Play a sport, join a club, work, study, volunteer, go out with friends, think about other things. Most people meet their future partner this way, most often when they are not even trying to.

Why not try an art or cookery course or an activity adventure. You’ll enjoy the activity and mixing with others who share the interest. Who knows, one of them could be the one for you. And even if you don’t meet that person, you’ll have enriched your life and have more to talk about when you do.

Joining a club or group in your home town provides long-term opportunities to meet people who share your interests.  And if you can’t find one you want in your area, think about starting one.  See the BCL sites for groups around Australia

Matchmaking sites

Busy lifestyles and changing work practices mean that online personals and online dating sites have taken the place of meeting people at work or clubs. Matchmaking sites can get a bad press but when you think about it, is going nightclubbing in the hope of picking up the person of your dreams really preferable? Here are some of the more standard sites.

You can use these sites to find friends who share a common interest, men and women looking for long-term relationships and/or marriage, or just people looking for a good time. Just like meeting people in real life dating, you should be reasonably cautious. The advantage with meeting online is that you can assess each other more before revealing your personal details. Good luck.

Looking for friends or long-term relationships

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Gay Personals, Gay Dating Sites

Dating sites for the more daring

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