Anniversary Gift Ideas


Anniversary Gift Ideas for your Partner

Anniversary gifts for your wife or husband can reinforce or threaten the bond between you. It really is a matter of expectations. If you or your partner has unrealistic expectations, buying gifts can be a minefield.

On the other hand, if you approach it with some humour and kindness, it can remind you why you became, and why you want to remain, a couple. Here are some ideas to make life easier for both of you…

  • Make it the same thing every year – build a re-assuring traditional of your favourite brand of chocolates to share, a hamper containing your favourite wine (tradition plus surprise), or a collection you build with one new item to make each year. This can be the most adaptable option and cope with varying financial conditions throughout the years.
  • Make it a shared experience – buy an experience voucher for a meal, a getaway, and adventure or more.  You can see lots of experience vouchers for Australian & New Zealand on
  • Don’t buy anything - make it a day where you give your time or attention. Go for a long walk, make and eat a meal together, do something that sets the day apart so it is one where you relax, talk and reconnect. Give presence rather than presents.
  • Escape the family and friends – get away from their expectations as well. Book a quiet hotel room, a weekend retreat, or just get a babysitter in for the night.

Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Anniversary experiences and parties

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