Bucks Nights Australia Party Ideas

Hen's & Bucks

Need some bucks night ideas? Browse these party suggestions that range from the traditional bucks experience to something a bit different.

Buck’s Party Supplies

Organised & Themed Bucks Parties

You can go straight to the ready-made buck’s party experiences in Brisbane & Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth or try some of these ideas

  • Have a casino night – Get your mates together for a few games of poker or roulette. You can make it a simple night that you organise yourself or a full-on event – complete with real tables and croupier – that you let someone else take care of. See ThemesforParties for casino costumes, supplies, and experiences
  • Go on a fishing trip – If there aren’t too many guests, you could take a trip out on a boat for a day or for the whole weekend. Enjoy the sun and fresh air, and hopefully catch a few fish while you’re at it. See BCL for fishing tours in: Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane |
  • Play laser skirmish or paintball skirmish – And re-enact a few scenes from your favourite action movies. See BCL for skirmish in: Melbourne | Sydney | Perth | Brisbane
  • Go extreme – If you really want to do something different, jump out of a plane, go abseiling or bungy jumping, go white-water rafting, or have a go at rally driving or racecar driving. See BCL for a whole range of extreme activities in Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Perth | Adelaide
  • Have a boat party – If you’ve got a lot of guests to invite, hire a boat and take a cruise up your local river or harbour. If there’s just a few guests, you could charter a yacht and relax out at sea. Or you can go extreme and take a high speed ride in a jet boat. See BCL for boating trips in Brisbane & SE Qld | Sydney | Melbourne | Perth | Adelaide
  • Play some golf – A relaxing day on the green or all-out competition – you decide. See BCL for golfing experiences in Brisbane | Sydney | Melbourne | Adelaide | Perth
  • Go on a wine tour – If you like a good drop and fine food but want something classier than a pub crawl, a wine tour is a good option for a small group. See BCL for winery tours in Adelaide & SA | Tasmania | Melbourne and VIC | Hunter Valley, NSW


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